Summers arrived??

Diesel FurminatedHello again… another busy time in clinic! We had a few sunny days here in Kent but its been gloomy since the weekend so no more sunbathing for me 😦
I had a big furmination session earlier in the week and must say I feel totally refreshed. That piece of equipment is amazing and recommend all cats owners should have one!
We had a few new arrivals this week via caesarian section – very cute!! even though they were the drooling breed! haha 🙂 Some cute kittens also joined up for our kitten packs so the feline forces are growing!! Check our Facebook page for all the pics.
We have some new “chubbys” signed up for The Wellpets Weightwatchers & all seems to be going well, I have to insist I’m not fat I’m fluffy!! (and they still restrict my diet!!) telling me they do it because they love me??hmmmmmmm……
I can hear lunch being prepared now so I’m off…..keep purring & catch up soon 🙂


Hello again, well its been another busy week


Hello again, well its been another busy week in the surgery. The bank holiday came and went and so did the sunshine!!……. We have had a few allergy pets in this week – the nice weather brings allsorts of problems for us furries but at least our slaves ( oops Owners) are getting it sorted. My canine friends always benefit from a foot bath after long walks on the beach + grass – not only is it refreshing but also washes off spores & any enviromental treatments that can irritate! Don’t forget sunblock to on pink noses & ears on our fairskinned pets too. Allergies can also be triggered by food so its sometimes worth a chat to our staff regarding this ( I was surprised to hear the number of pets allergic to chicken!! when this is normally one of the most common diets for us!)

I think I will head for the windowsill while the sun is still shining & think about what’s for supper!

Pet of the Month – Pandora!

Pandora is a female entire 1 and half year old Rottweiler. She came to see Worle vet Penny Taylor after having vulval discharge for 5 days. According to her owners, she was becoming increasing dull and depressed and had gone off her food. Penny examined Pandora thoroughly and found that her back end was covered in purulent (pus) discharge which was actively dripping from her vulva, and her abdomen was bloated. She also had a high temperature. These clinical signs pointed Penny to the diagnosis of an ‘Open Pyometra’.

This is a condition seen in older entire females where the uterus becomes infected and fills with pus. Each time they have a season the uterus undergoes hormonal change. These changes that occur with each cycle make infection more likely with age. They can be classed as ‘open’ where pus or discharge is seen coming from their back end, or ‘closed’ where there is no discharge seen. The signs usually develop about 6 weeks after they have finished their season. Other symptoms that owners may pick up on are an increased thirst, and urinating more (possibly having accidents in the house), licking around their back end more, being ‘off colour’ and as the condition progresses, vomiting. If left untreated, signs progress to dehydration, collapse and eventually death from toxic

It was decided that Pandora needed to go to surgery immediately. As she was a little nervous she sat with Mum and Dad while her pre-med sedation took effect. She was then anesthetised and placed on a drip to give her intravenous fluids throughout the operation. This helped to keep her hydrated (as she had been off her food), and maintain her blood pressure ensuring a nice safe anaesthetic. Penny made an incision on her tummy and opened her abdomen to reveal a substantially swollen and pus filled uterus. Penny spayed Pandora – removing her ovaries and uterus. Her abdomen was flushed out with sterile saline as a precaution, and her incision stitched up. Pandora was given intravenous antibiotics through her drip while she was in surgery, and discharged with oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication.

photo (1)

We asked Pandora’s owner to bring her in for a check up a few days after her operation to check her wound and we are thrilled to report Pandora has made an excellent recovery.


Well its been a busy Easter here & we have had a few clients arrive with pets after stealing their owners chocolate eggs!! – tut tut need I say it was obviously the hounds that commited the crimes!! Luckily none of the cases were too serious and our team here in Sunny Sheerness  had it all under control! Why those silly pooches scoff human chocolate still astounds me?? They all made a good recovery and hope don’t steal chocolate in the future!

I tend not to be tempted by chocolate luckily enough and stay well clear! It plays havoc with my waistline 🙂 I keep getting told that being a leaner cat is better for me and will help me in my ‘twilight’ years, which I understand but its sooooooo hard when I smell all the goodies on the shelf!

A couple of my feline friends have had some dental work done this week and seem like new cats again! Removing broken + damaged teeth & descaling tartar is important for us & our health(and the hounds as well!) Now they have their slaves (oops! sorry… their owners) brushing daily and have mouthwash too – I’m not so keen on having this done and like to put up a bit of resistance just to show them I’m still in charge!

I now have to make myself known for my ‘furmination’ – its a wonderful 15minutes of groom,massage & cuddles and whoever invented the furminator is my hero!



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